Intimidation: a tool of the enemy of souls
As things get worse I think physical assaults and yes, murder, will be used. I think the only thing stopping a full scale persecution of Catholics in the West right now is the general cowardice of many priests and bishops. Right now the Church isn't a unified threat but should the bulk of priests, bishops and laity stand up and start getting bolder, not just in small trad chapels but churchwide and in public the ways we are harassed will get bolder and more violent. The whole secular humanist outlook that is pretty much the de facto religion of the West right now cannot exist side by side with a strong Catholicism. Sooner or later we will have to be dealt with since we stand in the way of their secular atheist agenda. Right now the enemy is winning but should the tides turn we better get ready because things will get ugly and we better pray to have the grace not to lose our faith when we are asked to give our lives for it.

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