Traditional Catholicism As Revival Movment
American history is littered with untold numbers of revival movements.  From the Puritan founders of Massachusetts to Pastor Rick Warren and his purpose driven life, religious revival is as American as mom and apple pie. 

But, lately I have begun wonder whether traditional Catholicism should be considered a revival as well.   

Religious revivals come in many forms, but at the center of them all is a desire to "get back to that old time religion." In addition, practically all of them stressed the importance of conversion. 

Traditional Catholicism certainly is trying to get back to the religion of immemorial, and I think most of us here have gone through our conversion experiences with perhaps the exception of the few here born into traditional Catholicism. 

I think this American tradition of revival might also help explain why traditional Catholicism is so strong in the United States.  Catholicism is a minority religion in the United States and has been a religion largely at the periphery of American history, yet the United States has one of the highest number of TLM's in the world.  Certainly far more than Catholic dominated Latin America.   


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