Even Protestants Pray for the Conversion of the Jews
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(08-07-2011, 12:52 PM)Underdog Wrote: From a member (and future missionary) of the Assemblies of God:
Quote:This is the week that Jews worldwide mourn the destruction of both Temples thousands of years ago. Lets pray for Israel and that they find Yeshua the savior and for peace to fill Israel


Why "Yeshua" and not "Jesus"?

So Jews can relate better? This smells of judaising.

I don't think it's "judaising"...it's likely an effective tactic used by missionaries...and not just Protestant ones.

What surprised me, was that I did not know that Protestants pray for Jews to convert...since it's been stated as a fact over and over and over again here and elsewhere (in trad Catholic circles) that only the pre-Vat II Church did this.  And it can't be a bad thing that Prots are praying for God to give the Jews the graces to become Christians.

Protestants that believe that the Christian religion is absolutely necessary for salvation surely pray for the conversion of Jews and all non-Christians.

They also set up missions directed at those people.

I hope that by Christian religion, you mean Catholic.
Let's pray for the conversion of protestants.

You know what I meant.

Don't be obtuse.

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