The Great opportunity in Ireland
As some of you may know or as all of you may know, Ireland is in shambles the Faith is in a flux and it has become the prime example of the failures of the VII spirit that has failed in an spectacular way.

However just as God promise to be faithful to his Holy Church we are presented with an opportunity to start a new. There are many talks that the great majority of the hierarchy of Ireland will be simply replaced and start over. This will be crucial for the rebirth of the Faith in Ireland and I believe can spark a true new evangelization for the rest of Europe.

It is rather obvious to all that the same party line Bishops will not do in Ireland and that only Tradition may have a chance. Indeed if B16 would appoint but 3 Trad Bishops in Ireland's bigger diocese this will indeed revitalize the Faith in which that will be lasting.

So pray, I believe that we might see Ireland be that jewel that brings the faith to the rest of the world yet again.

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