Why are people less religious in the 21st century?
I'm sure there are quite a few reasons why people are less religious now than they were only 60 years ago.  I think a few would be:

1. The perception that science has "disproved" religious claims or has unmasked superstitions;

2. Liberalism: the idea that we're completely autonomous and free, so much so that we don't need religion because we ourselves should run our own lives (19th century);

3. Moral relativism: the idea that truth is neither objective or universal, but relative to culture and time, so what's true for you may not be true for me, and all truths are equal in value;

4. Tolerance: the idea that every religion or claim is somehow worthy of respect, so those ideas (religions) which claim to be exclusively true are deemed as intolerant (which is "bad");

5. While not true of everyone, parents simply have not passed on the Faith to their children.  I know quite a few people who believe that religion is a matter of choice that children should make once they've grown up; this denotes a lack of faith on the part of those whom I know, because what person would refuse to teach their children the truth?  At the heart of this is the idea that life is full of choices (Which shoes should I wear today?), religion being one of them.  "Have it your way!"

6. Corrupt individuals give the impression of a corrupt organization; bishops didn't do what they should have done with bad priests (report them to the police rather than send them to therapy).

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