Are THEY Trying to Shut Down Fish Eaters?
This website needs donations to keep running, but unfortunately since Vox made her announcement that she is in desperate need of donations she has only received four donations equaling $45.00.  Given how strongly some people are attached to this website this didn't make sense to me until I finally figured out what is happening: the secret organization (probably the Bilderberg Conference) that secretly governs the world is sending mind control beams into our brains so we don't donate!

This makes perfect sense since this is one of the few places that you can discuss the 9/11 Conspiracy, the Obama birth certificate conspiracy, the reptilian conspiracy, the Osama bin Laden death conspiracy, the navy seals death conspiracy, the JFK assassination conspiracy, the moon landing conspiracy, the explosion of the USS Maine conspiracy, the Gulf of Tonkin conspiracy, the evolution conspiracy, the global warming conspiracy, the Scipio conspiracy (the guy is clearly on the government payroll), the IMF conspiracy, the media conspiracy against Ron Paul, the Pearl Harbor conspiracy, the Laura conspiracy,  the DK is in fact a normal guy in real life conspiracy, the pants conspiracy, the Archbishop Bugnini conspiracy, the Father Corapi conspiracy, the Father Z is a Vatican plant conspiracy, the Third Secret of Fatima conspiracy, the Watergate Conspiracy, the Abraham Lincoln assassination conspiracy, the Virginia Earthquake was really a an underground nuclear explosion conspiracy, the Fish Eaters thought police conspiracy, the  Bilderberg Conference conspiracy, the Tri-Lateral Commission Conspiracy, the Jewish Conspiracy, the Masonic Conspiracy, the Al Qaeda conspiracy, the Alaric is actually Jewish conspiracy, the Candy Land Conspiracy, the genetically modified foods conspiracy, the organic foods conspiracy, George Lucas' conspiracy to destroy Star Wars, and the conspiracy to sell hot dog buns in packs of 8 while selling hot dog meat in packs of 10!

But, despite these important truths that we are talking about here that's not why the  Bilderberg Conference wants to shut us down. There is something far more important that we talk about here than all that.  In fact we could discover that every single thing the U.S. government has said since 1789 is a lie, and there would still be a truth far more important that the true leader of the evil conspiracy against man would want to fight against: that the Catholic faith is the one true faith and the key to salvation. 

Although there is plenty to dislike about the forums here, there is no denying that this website has been instrumental in the conversion or re-conversion of many.  And the only THEY that we really need to worry about no doubt would love to see this website shut down. 

But, you can help maintain this website by making a donation. It doesn't have to be much. I am actually only going to be contributing a single dollar for right now because I really can't donate more. But, if we each gave a dollar that would add up.  We all should at least have a dollar so there is really no excuse not to donate one measly dollar.

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