"Evangelical Catholicism" and the current EWTN lineup
Apparently I haven't listened or watched EWTN in awhile. Yeah, I knew they were reform of the reform oriented and there were a few like Scott Hahn on there who were ex- protestant. Thing is, our diocese just had a group start a Catholic radio station that picks up EWTN. I tuned in and was surprised by the overabundance of former protestant hosts. Don't get me wrong, its great that they joined the Church. Problem is, they have turned EWTN into an evangelical Catholicism. They are very "God is great", "I love the Blessed JP2", "We need to find the light of Christ", "Praise Jesus"etc. It sounds like things you would hear from one of those evangelical Churches. I know back in 2007-2008 when SP came out, they had a few TLMs that were showcased and Tom Woods did a series on something in 2008. Now it seems that any traditional Catholic elements have been purged altogether. Corapi was one of the last real orthodox ones. The first person who came on the radio yesterday was Mark Shea. Then they have lots of Catholic Answers domination as well. The evangelical stuff that focuses more on emotions like the faith being "awesome", is really wimpy and not deep rooted. The only program I listen to on the radio in depth is Mother Angelica classics.

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