"Evangelical Catholicism" and the current EWTN lineup
(09-01-2011, 08:53 AM)Mithrandylan Wrote:
(09-01-2011, 07:20 AM)CollegeCatholic Wrote: I had Catholic radio wake me up today.  Some sing-songy intro woke me up.

Why can't Catholic programming be normal and not kitschy?  Why!?

It also lacks manliness, even though most of the main folks are male.

Oh, dude- this.  70% of the time (and a lot of times more than that) I turn it on and I think I'm listening to some BLTG (baconlettucetomatoGAY) public service announcement, these dudes are so soft.

They need a beer chugging whiskey swigging mammoth of a man.  Preferably with an eastern or northern acccent. 

Yeah, the feminisation of the Church extends much deeper than just in the church building.  It's permeated the entire Catholic culture.  Even those sing-songy Rosaries recorded by little children and women - blech.  Why can't a man record something?  Why don't they play chant?  Baaaaaah.

Buncha queers run things now.  We need to figure out how to take it all back.

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