"Evangelical Catholicism" and the current EWTN lineup
(09-01-2011, 12:28 AM)Laetare Wrote: I agree that there is an emphasis on a sort of low-Church Catholic evangelical outlook on EWTN. Some of the writers of books who also work on that network have downright happy-clappy adverts. Something about them seems like it isn't full, as it were. I say there's nothing wrong or heretical, but just... the whole glass isn't up to the brim, somehow.


Just hope the atheists who become Catholic start to take over the show. Every atheist I've met who converted to Catholicism did so entirely because of St. Thomas (me included  ;D)

I was actually more of Saint Augustine guy.  It all really started with Plato, Aristotle, and mostly Socrates though.  Atheists converts do often seem to have a very matter of fact way of dealing with the truths of the faith.  It's not about emotion with them very often.

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