"Evangelical Catholicism" and the current EWTN lineup
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(09-01-2011, 11:15 AM)Vincentius Wrote: these converts... made sure they had with them the luggage of the old religion, something that they cannot or could ever be rid

of.  So we have Muslim-like shouts of "Allahu Akbar" (God is great) Evangelical style. 

Sorry, but is there something unholy about the Arabic language? I can only assume you don't disagree with the content...

Unholy because it is a false faith, a sham religion.  Really, I have never heard shouts of "God is great from" any Catholic.

"Because the Lord your God he is the God of gods, and the Lord of lords, a great God and mighty and terrible, who

accepteth no person nor taketh bribes. " -Deuteronomy 10:17, (Douay-Rheims)

Oh crap! I just reaized that the translators of Douay-Rheims were Judaizers as they used the term "the Lord" instead of

"Yahweh." Also, clearly they were sympatheic to Islam. 


Yeah, Vinceteus, sorry to say this, but I'm not convinced. If somebody likes to "praise the Lord and pass the pepper" Arab-

style, what business of it is yours? Do you need to micromanage peoples' prayer lives? The exclamation style of praise

doesn't appeal to you... fine... but there's lots of precedent for it in the psalms... pick your battles, friend.

What's wrong with "God is great" and "God is awesome" kinda worship?  I find the exuberance of many ex- Protestants

uplifting and infectious.  They appear to be genuinely on fire with love for the Lord.

There is nothing wrong with those expressions except they have never been, as I noted earlier, your typical Catholic "on fire" with love for the Lord.  Let me put this into perspective.  These expressions are imported by converts (many of you who are in FE are converts, so you are accustomed to it) but I don't think it has catched on.  I don't see or hear cradle Catholics adopting
the exclamations.  And I have not heard it from the many converts who I know either.  Further, do they "appear to be genuinely on fire with love for the Lord?"   I find it unnecessary to shout it from the housetops.  There is in the Apocalypse (Ch. 3) where Our Lord on His preaching admonishing about one being neither hot nor cold and only lukewarm (read what this truly means) which He will vomit from His mouth.  Many scream and shout "God is great" but Our Lord asks, what do you do about that that I am great?  Do you keep my commandments, carry your cross, do you follow me?   The Protestant who keeps telling everybody in a very loud voice God is awesome but only pays lip service (ans it seems that many converts are exactly doing that).  It is an exuberance coming within them that they believe they have been saved because their church has told them that being a "friend" of Jesus has automatically saved them and they are exultant with their cry of "joy."  So is this ethos carried over to the new religion they have converted to (the Catholic faith) or have they put a new meaning to it and completely embraced what it means to be Catholic?   You should know, you who has converted to the true faith, and if you give new meaning to your exuberant exclamation, then you are doing what God wants you to do.  It's okay to make those exclamations but be more fervent in the practice of your religion, and pit true meaning of what you shout about.  Read Luke Ch. 12.

Addendum:  Sorry, the following was supposed to be part of the message but somehow got left out.  God of course hears and listens to the exclamation "God is Great" but is He impressed if they are just words and have no significance?  "God is great!" is in a way a profession of faith:  I believe!  But what is faith, if that is all there is and nothing more.  The Protestant will say to the Catholic, "Brother are you saved?  I have faith but you have religion."  What he doesn't know is that religion is faith put into practice.  Doing what religion requires is what the Scriptures call "works" (St James -- Faith without works is nothing; St. Paul --   Of the three, faith hope and charity, the greatest is of these charity (doing good works).   You can exult all you can about how awesome and great is God but if you don't do anything, it is for nothing.  Christ asks nothing more than for us to be conformable to His holy will and abide by His commandments.  This is known as being faithful and persevering in what we believe and act on it.  Be not lukewarm but fervent in doing what God's asks us to do.
I know we have disagreed about the SSPX in the past, but you are hitting the nail on the head here! And besides, Didn't Saint Pius X say something about Modernism and how " one must "feel his Faith".

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