Advice given on "Catholic" site
I hope I don't get in trouble for complaining here...

There is a certain well known site that purports to be the most well know in Catholic Apologetics. They have a large forum and I frequent the family life section to read others issues, give advice, receive advice and just have some conversations like I do here. I decided to go to their "ask an apologist" section and proceeded to read some alarming advice given to people by some of the bigger names in this said site. One of which is a priest...

One guy asked if he was going to hell because he kept masturbating whenever he felt like it one time was at church in full view of the Tabernacle. He then proceeded to state that he had some surgery for this or that (he didn't say for what) and said he felt so bad about it all and wonders if he's going to hell.

The priest told him that he wasn't a pervert and that he could have issues because of a medical condition.. :o I was a bit shocked since this place is supposed to be sound Catholic advice to questioning people....

I then read another post about a parishner who was upset in his parish newsletter to see God called "Him/Her" by the priest. He wanted to know what he should do about it and how to go  about saying something to the priest about it. He was told by one of their female apologists that "it's not a huge deal" and basically he should pick his battles and leave it to something big as the Eucharist etc.  :o

Am I overreacting being totally disgusted and annoyed by this? Am I wrong?  ???

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