Cradle Catholics
As a convert, I fall into the camp that says it is often more of an emotional experience today. Cradle Catholics may often be too familiar with the Church (as a man finds his hometown boring and familiar), but at least they have stability. For myself, I can say that within 2-3 weeks of converting I was already having doubts about the Church. All the lies the culture fed me about Catholicism being a great medieval edifice, filled with chant, Latin, incense, and dark mysterious churches, turned out to be rubbish. I was faced with a totally different culture and Mass than I had expected. It seems the media never caught up with Vatican II in portrayal of the faith and worship, ironically. :laughing:

We need both. All the greatest saints I know were cradle Catholics. Apart from Augustine and Paul (two writers I feel very little sympathy with), I don't know of such high-profile zealous, yet balanced converts.

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