Possessed Priest and Valid Sacraments
(09-26-2011, 01:02 AM)Melkite Wrote:
(09-25-2011, 11:55 AM)Mithrandylan Wrote: I highly doubt the sacraments would be valid, but I would think that God would likely step in and give those who were properly disposed to receive these "sacraments" the grace from them.  I don't think they'd be hung out to dry, so to speak.

No, silly, why would God step in and do that for them?  He has no such mercy for babies who die unbaptized with only Original Sin on their souls.  That's why we have Limbo.  Why would God show such mercy to the undeserving wretch who mistakenly dies in both Original and Actual Sin, if he is unwilling to show such mercy on infants?  Limbo is the outermost ring of hell.  Perhaps these souls go to the second most outer ring of hell?

This is a reasonable objection. I hope my answer can help to resolve the apparent contradiction.

The difference is that, in the first case, unbaptized infants can not use their free will to intend to receive the sacraments. Hence, they do not merit its effects. In the second case, however, the soul who freely cooperates with God's grace to choose to receive the sacraments, but does not know that they are invalid, has positively chosen to respond to God's grace. Because he is invincibly ignorant as to the validity of the sacrament, no fault can be found in his execution of his free will.

The unborn infant must freely choose to serve God with his own free will in order to enjoy eternal life in the presence of God, but because he is unable to use his free will no fault is found in him. As a result, he is born into perfect natural happiness and suffers only the privation of the unmerited presence of God. The soul who has reached the age of reason, however, has freely chosen to serve God via the free co-operation of his will, and his invincible ignorance of the invalid sacrament cannot be counted against him.

The unborn infant glorifies God's goodness by being a testament to His justice while the soul who unknowingly receives an invalid sacrament glorifies God's goodness by being a testament to His mercy. They both glorify God and give testament to His goodness to equal degrees, though in different ways. Each soul, having perfect understanding of (and resignation to) this after death, finds no displeasure in the means by which God has chosen that they should give Him glory.

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