Non-Roman Catholic faiths and Same Sex Marriage
(09-28-2011, 11:06 AM)mikemac Wrote: Sorry, but for some silly reason I find it hard to negotiate about same sex marriage.  Silly me.

No one has asked you to.

Nor should you.

But if a non believer approaches you and says "let's talk about gay marriage" do you tell him to f*** off or do you talk to him about it in order to try to be an instrument of God?  NYC had a great point- I don't want to be naked on judgement day trying to explain why when I had the opportunity to witness to the truth I opted to tell the non believer to get bent.

This is an attitude that is very dangerous- thinking that those who are non believers are ipso facto not "worth our time" or effort.  Evangelization is such an obvious and necessary, yet so often over-looked tenet of the faith.

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