The Jewish Annotated New Testament
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The Jews have no excuse before God.

Their continual rejection of Christ is a living testament to their perfidy and a punishment for their iniquity.

Accepting or rejecting our Lord is not a mere philosophical quandary of no practical importance. It is the most important decision a man has to make in his life.

No, you're wrong. The rejection of Christ is founded in mere scholarly and philosophical disagreements. Hence, there are good reasons for rejecting Christ as the Saviour of mankind. Benedict XVI says so:
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, God and the World, 2000, p. 209. Wrote:“It is of course possible to read the Old Testament so that it is not directed toward Christ; it does not point quite unequivocally to Christ.  And if Jews cannot see the promises as being fulfilled in him, this is not just ill will on their part, but genuinely because of the obscurity of the texts and the tension in the relationship between these texts and the figure of Jesus. Jesus brings a new meaning to these texts – yet it is he who first gives them their proper coherence and relevance and significance. There are perfectly good reasons, then, for denying that the Old Testament refers to Christ and for saying, No, that is not what he said. And there are also good reasons for referring it to him – that is what the dispute between Jews and Christians is about.”


The Holy Father is talking about debates over how we should read the Old Testament. Nothing in that quotation implies that Pope Benedict believes that "[t]he rejection of Christ is founded in mere scholarly and philosophical disagreements."

This. It's amazing how people have twisted the whole point of that book.  Jesus of Nazareth's main argument is that Christ is God and that this fact is central to Christianity but has been forgotten by too many Christians.

Wrong book.

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