Rick Perry Dancing with the Rabbis........
(10-04-2011, 07:49 AM)devotedknuckles Wrote: Not entirely true. The torah plays a dominant role even in hasidem. U csnt be a Hasidic or even attempt to understand them witho k owing how rooted it is in Torah. They have developed different for s of piety sure but I don't by for a second the Bet shov (well if memeory serves that what they call him) wrtings r more important then Torah. Regardless Hasidim r forthe mow part nr zionists so it's always funny to see anti zionists post Hasidic as some arch Zionist outfit
most Zionist Jews are wasps (white ashkanazi secular paratroopers)

Pfft!  ::) The Hasid believe and promote the vile crap that's in their Talmud.  You get all worked up about the Muzzies and Dhimminitude.  Well, the Hasids have their own version called the Noahide Laws.  They are both contemptible in my book!

As to being rooted in the Torah!  :laughing:  My Mormon relatives proclaim they are rooted in the Torah, they too have writings like these Jews and their Talmud.  It's called the Book of Mormon, which they use to pervert the historical reality of Our Lord and His Church.  I have noticed that people who oppose the Mystical Body of Christ are real big on misinterpreting the OT to justify their BS, just like St. Peter warned us they would. 

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