Rick Perry Dancing with the Rabbis........
(10-10-2011, 12:01 PM)Vetus Ordo Wrote: It's simple, UD:

If social discrimination of Jews is intrinsically wrong, then the Church was simply wrong for many centuries and an accessory of evil. There's no way around this, not even by invoking the "some were bad Christians; some did not accept God's grace" cop-out. It was a large and established reality everywhere. You are forced to conclude that Catholic Christendom, the pinnacle of God's kingdom on earth, was dead wrong. In fact, the enemies of the Church were the ones that ended this and other practices, not the Church. The same with slavery and persecution of heretics, for instance.

So, what do you conclude?

Ok, that's what I thought you were saying. And you used one of the other common practices that I was thinking of in relation to your argument (slavery). So, we can assert that slavery was tolerated for a long time by the Church, but is now held to be wrong, just as divorce was tolerated in the OT, but is soundly condemned now. Is that not the same thing? That what was tolerated at one time due to the hardness of men's hearts may at a later time be rightly condemned?

I really appreciate your taking the time to explain your way of thinking about this to me. It's certainly much nicer treatment than I receive elsewhere on the forum.

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