The Jews think they are Collectively Jesus
Ubkeep saying that. I want to know the cites of Jewish mystics who claim they r God oente Jews are Jesus
that what I want
maybe so
I've been aeousn them a long time and never heard that. I've only really been around hasids of wither the chabad levebuch or the satmar
there r other sects.
Jewish mysticism is the kabalah. Is never read he kabalah. But I did know a Jew the uncle of my wx girlfriend at te time who was in kabalasy training real deal shit. U know only males and only after your 40 wct ect and we spoke a fsir bit and he never once said anyhif to the effect he believed himself or his people to be God
if anyhing I found Jews r so remote from God as all their faith is is following rules. That's it. Can't lean on this wall. Can lean on that. Dongoue shirt up wih this button first wih the rght hand en the missile with the wld wct wct wct wct all they have is w pry rules
God is ver very very distant to them. Not as abstract as the mohamadans but close enogh

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