The Jews think they are Collectively Jesus
Yes no doubt according to Jews only they posess a souk
but that's not te same as bekiving henswkves Gods
they bekive they are chosen of God not god themselves
in th end Vetus nails
not much else tos at but I've spent amongst then teyin ro figure hem out best I could
in the end ts just empty rules
that's it
rules rules rules
and I want tos sy I woudknt be suprised if some sect of tem did hold what u say
but the the ones I was around  were just run ofthe mill hasids
as for thechsbad link yes I never argued otherwise
again bekiving they Bly have a true soul is diffeeet then slicing they r God
is a rather big difference. Anyway

satmar is very anti zionists vervnuch so. Satmar anti Zionism puts most trads here ronshame put t that way and habad levaburch r pro zionists for the most part
thanks for the cite. It may of been a bit unfair of me cuz I just don't have tr time norhe will to wast my time reading were Jews. But thanks though

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