Why do some trad priests keep on talking about "temperaments"?
The best thing I ever read on temperaments came from Latin Mass Magazine.  I have been sharing it with my non-Catholic friends and they said it was like the priest could look inside their minds!

From what I understand, Catholics took Hippocrates' 4 temperaments and developed them in the Midle Ages to what we have today.  They have been around quite a while and I am finding useful to understand myself, my husband and my children.

The articles in LMM deal with the spiritual life and how the different temperaments should use different books and methods.  I found it very useful to understand why The Imitation of Christ  has absolutely no appeal to me whatsoever nor do I find it particularly useful.  The article pointed out that  The Imitation  is quite useful for Cholerics as their predominant fault tends to be pride, whereas a Melancholic personality does much better with St. Francis DeSales Introduction to the Devout Life   and his emphasis on the love God has for us because Melancholics have a hard time believing they are lovable.

I am predominantly Sanguine, with a secondary of Phlegmatic, a pinch of Melancholy, and absolutely no Choleric.  Therefore, the article recommends Psalms and Proverbs for meditations as the Sanguine tends to get easily distracted.  The other recommendation is that the Sanguine draw up a list of priorities, eliminate everything but those priorities from their life and add nothing else in until they can do those faithfully and consistently.

I am just beginning. :grin:

It is wayyyyy to easy to get distracted on the internet or reading for me.

BTW, the articles are found in the following issues of LMM -- Sanguine in Summer 2006, Melancholic in Fall 2005, Choleric in Advent/Christmas 2005, and Winter 2007.  LMM would be happy to send you copies of the articles or magazines. 

I am handing copies out of these just as fast as people read them.

THey are all written by a Fr. Christiaan Kappes from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis

And I do believe that Fr. says that the more you mature in the spiritual life, the more balanced your temperament becomes.

His other comment is "In this article I shall be focusing on the melancholic soul.  More often than not, among traditional Catholics, there then to be higher numbers of pure Melancholics.   (emphasis mine) My own pastoral experience would indicate that more women exhibit melancholic temperaments than men in this environ.  Some have an admixture of melancholic-sanguine or sanguine-melancholic, but generally there are many prone toward features of the melancholic understanding of self."

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