Why do some people receive the gift of faith and not others?
I know that Faith, Hope, and Charity are all gifts from God that are given to us with baptism and through the other sacraments (provided we are properly disposed), but why do some people receive these gifts and others don't? Nothing we do can earn any of the theological virtues, right? They're completely gratuitous gifts from God. I sometimes wonder why I, raised without any religion, have now been given this gift when I know many other people who were raised in the Church, baptised, prayed, sent to catechism, and yet don't have this gift. There are even people who have had the benefit of being raised in solid traditional families who end up lapsing once they move out of the family home. If anything, looking at it from a purely naturalistic view, they should be the religious ones and not me. So my question is why do some people receive the gift of Faith and others don't? Does God offer the gift of Faith to all people and some choose to reject it? Or does he only offer it to a few? If the latter then it seems God was being a lot more generous one hundred years ago.

I would be interested in hearing any thoughts you guys have on this question.

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