next time Eastern Orthodox complain of 1204, remind them of 1182
for those not familiar with our separated schismatic brethren, a common tactic to justify themselves against "papism" is to demonstrate it's evils is by telling the horror of 1204 (the Fourth Crusade, for the unfamiliar: a bunch of Venetians on their way to the Holy Land made a change of plans in route and instead sacked Constantinople, to the Pope Innocent III's horror, and the entire Greek nation holds a nasty grudge to this day, especially the religious ones), even though 1182 is by no means an excuse for the excesses of the Fourth Crusade, next time one of their apologists brings up 1204 we should remind them of what happened in 1182 lest they believe themselves to be innocent of injustice.

Quote:Following the death of Manuel I in 1180, his widow, the Latin princess Maria of Antioch, acted as regent to her infant son Alexios II Komnenos. Her regency was notorious for the favoritism shown to Latin merchants and the big aristocratic land-owners, and was overthrown in April 1182 by Andronikos I Komnenos, who entered the city in a wave of popular support. Almost immediately, the celebrations spilled over into violence towards the hated Latins, and after entering the city's Latin quarter a raging mob began attacking the inhabitants. Many had anticipated the events and escaped by sea. The ensuing massacre was indiscriminate: neither women nor children were spared, and Latin patients lying in hospital beds were murdered. Houses, churches, and charitable institutions were plundered. Latin clergymen received special attention, and Cardinal John, the Pope's representative, was beheaded and his head was dragged through the streets at the tail of a dog. (poor dog -tobri) Although Andronikos himself had no particular anti-Latin attitude, he allowed the massacre to proceed unchecked. Ironically, a few years later, Andronikos I himself was deposed and handed over to the mob of Constantinople citizenry, and was tortured and summarily executed in the Hippodrome by Latin soldiers.

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