next time Eastern Orthodox complain of 1204, remind them of 1182
(02-02-2012, 09:41 AM)su Wrote:
(02-02-2012, 06:18 AM)LaramieHirsch Wrote: 2. I need to know any/all doctrinal differences. 

I know a few, but I like to be specific in a discussion like this, and I find I don't have any good sources. 


There aren't any real doctrinal differences.

Any supposed differences would be the Orthodox refusing to understand what is meant in the West. For example, under the theological thinking of the Eastern Church (Catholic), the term "original sin" does not really fit, although the real concept does, it is something which would not be formulated in the same way.

The objection to the filioque is more political than theological. Although some are anti-Latin, many understand what is meant in the Latin, but disagree with how it was inserted.

I would recommend studying Eastern Catholic doctrinal works to understand what is properly Eastern Catholic, and then find any differences with the Orthodox from there. Comparing Western theological and doctrinal formulations directly with the Eastern can require a bit of study of the language and philosophical thinking behind it.

I agree with su ... the theological "differences" are exaggerated and are not really differences.  Probably the most serious difference is the Orthodox attitude that the true Church can exist apart from Communion with the Pope of Rome and that the Orthodox Churches are the true ones even though the Pope is Benedict XVI.

But original sin is a good example ... they don't discuss it the same way we do in the West, but read the Akathist hymn and the beautiful prayers extollign Our Lady for undoing Adam's Curse ... what is Adam's Curse if not original sin?

I personally would go to a Greek Orthodox or Russian Orthodox Church in a heartbeat if Communion were re-established, despite any perceived doctrinal "differences."

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