Firing Line 1980; Catholic Orthodoxy
A very interesting episode of Firing. WFB is joined by Michael Davies and Fr. Champlin (of whom I know nothing about), with Fr. Malachi Martin as observer.


An Amazon review sums it up:
Quote:Four heavyweights in Catholic current events discuss the consequences of John Paul II's suspension of Hans Kung's canonical license to teach Catholic theology and the merits of Paul VI's "New Mass" which, by this time, has been in use in the USA for approximately ten years. Malachi Martin and Michael Davies demonstrate complete understanding of the crisis facing the Catholic world in 1980, something that very few of their contemporaries did.
A convert to Catholicism at 21, Davies is 44 and is delightfully young in this interview. He's at the pinnacle of his intellectual life, having already written groundbreaking books. He's dripping in hard facts. He offers the most cogent defense of Marcel Lefebvre and the Tridentine Rite that anyone had heard at the time becase these were years of great confusion. Long before the rest of us had any idea of what we would confront by 2000, he offers listeners a precise analysis of the dangerous Liturgical Revolution unleashed by Pope John XXII's Council and Pope Paul VI's New Mass. Likewise, he offers a clear cut understanding of the true nature of the Catholic priesthood.
Malachi Martin with two incisive questions makes his point. He's scholarly, eminent and entirely above the fray. Bill Buckley, always the intellectual, is the inquiring Catholic layman and journalist.
By contrast, in his Roman collar at a time when the Catholic hierarchy still enjoyed the tremendous respect and esteem of the laity, Msgr. Joseph Champlin is a "liturgist" and priest of the diocese of Syracuse. He is a loyal son of the Council and represents all of the positions the other three participants find so questionable. His defense of his position, always charitable, deferential, and gentle.... is never very convincing.
All four gentlemen are deceased. Except for Msgr. Champlin, I followed them closely over the years and miss their brilliant insights very much.

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