Firing Line 1980; Catholic Orthodoxy
(01-26-2012, 07:03 PM)fatiam13 Wrote: Apparently Mons. Champlin is the only one of the 4 still alive. Wonder how he feels about the springtime of V2 in the intervening 32 years. Probably still sees  a lot of good things happening.

He died in 2008, RIP.  Springtime was superlative, he thought springtime was spending over $150,000 on a sidewalk, parkbench, and landscaping next to the Cathedral where he resided before
his death. Of course, it is named after him.
Guess he took Springtime literally, meanwhile every innercity Catholic grammar school was closed expect one (barely) (most are now charter schools or rented by the city or deteriorating)
Btw, no surprise but he wasn't so gentle or charitable to trads.


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