Firing Line 1980; Catholic Orthodoxy
Watched the whole thing again this evening.  It was interesting to see Fr. Martin in the role of "Examiner."  You could actually see elements of the Jesuit training in him coming through.  It had a European/Inquisitorial aspect to it.  You could get the sense that Fr. Martin was accustomed to the high level of expectations and scrutiny that the Old Jesuits were put through as well as the experience in Vatican politics.  He played Devil's Advocate to both Davies and Mons. Champlin and their positions, bearing down and calling them both "wishy washy" on a few answers, challenging their answers.  Davies of course, was able to answer Fr. Martin's question beautifully.  Fr. Martin employed the Vatican II argument that Latin had to go and the Liturgy had to open up to new cultures that were not formed in the Mediterranean area etc.  Davies pointed out that St. Augustine managed to convert the horrible Saxons with the Latin Mass and if the English could accept it, so could any other culture.  It was a beautiful exchange.  Fr. Martin also grilled Mons. Champlin about his comparing Archbishop LeFebvre with Hans Kung.  And he bluntly called Kung a heretic and listed the heresies. 

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