The Bishops and the Obama administration
(01-27-2012, 11:06 PM)Adam_Michael Wrote: If they take this stand they may lose their Tax Exempt Status.  We couldn’t have that.  Maintaining a Tax Exempt Status is a requirement for salvation you know.

Anyways … I heard today from an “insider” that the USCCB is “gearing up for a united, concerted effort to get the word out and to organize a protest” to try and stop the HHS Mandate.

Not a united, concerted effort!!!  :O  Anything but that!!!

How many American bishops does it take to screw in a light bulb?

One to chair the committee to study the issue of lightbulbs and their place in the post-Conciliar paradigm.

A couple to make catty comments to National Catholic Reporter and Commonweal about how burned out light bulbs have just as much right to be screwed in as working light bulbs.

A few more to insist that flashlights can, in extraordinary situations, serve the same function as a lightbulb.

Several to appoint a task force to devise a plan for light bulb replacement and make certain it doesn't unduly burden migrant workers.

At least one to claim that what goes on between a light bulb and a socket is not the Church's business.

And to just screw the stupid light bulb in and then go back to shepherding his flock.

By the time this "united, concerted" effort gets out of committee, Catholicism will be outlawed. 

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