The Parish Prayer
After the Latin NO we attended was unceremoniously dumped by our old parish, and the attendees shat upon, we ended up as refugees at the cafeteria Catholic NO parish nearby.

The said parish begins Mass with its parish prayer.....a generic prayer to its patroness; doesn't appear to be a classic prayer from the Catholic canon.....purely some Protestant drivel that you could get off of a Barnes & Noble calendar.  I instinctively dislike this.  It appears to me to imply that the congregation should apply its allegiance to the parish only, and that the "faith community"  :puke: of the parish is somehow standing alone in its "specialness".

Is this a common practice?  In 45 years of very bad Masses, this is the first time I have encountered this.

I guess I would prefer and expect to be in solidarity with the Universal Church by 1) sharing in a standard liturgy, and 2) by a commonality of prayer, rather than the expectation that "we here at St. Swizzle's are a community".  Unite me to the Holy Father, and all the bishops and priests of the world, and all my coreligionists with universal and unchanging prayers, not some "my parish is special" hooey.

Kindly opine.

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