*Head's Up -- Day of Fasting and Prayer for the US Bishops -- Fri. Feb 3rd 2012
(02-02-2012, 11:35 PM)Bristol Wrote: Question for the tank.

My wife, who is not Catholic, asked why we are fasting *and* praying for the Bishops.  She didn't understand the purpose of the fasting.  She said: "Why fast?  Just pray.  What does fasting do?"

I mumbled something about fasting being a type of prayer but it was not convincing.  So I started reading up on it in various places and mostly I found reasons like taming the passions so as to make it easier to avoid sin, doing pennace and making it easier to pray by subduing the passions. 

What say you?  In this particular instance where we are praying for a specific intention in conjunction with fasting, what purpose does the fasting serve?  Is it a demonstration of sincerity before God?  An offering of suffering that we hope will please Him? 

Please educate me

It gives more merit to your request. If your kid comes up and asks you for a favor, wouldn't you be more inclined to give it them if they cleaned their room, washed some dishes, and folded laundry? Not the best analogy, I am sure others will have better reasons.

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