Catholic 3DD, Great Monarch, Fatima prophecy
Why do people take this seriously?  I mean, of course, they could be true, but step back for a minute.  NONE of this is even remotely hinted at in Scripture or Apostolic tradition.  So it's completely absent from Public Revelation.  Aside from being Christ-centered, what makes these prophecies any different from the whack-job New Age prophecies that we're headed to a new age of enlightenment, or this or that disaster to cleanse the earth, etc., etc.?  If there was anything important in any of this, or anything relevant to our spiritual life, why didn't Christ mention it or the Apostles record it anywhere?  It seems that many get so consumed by these prophecies that they forget the real point of the Gospel.  Rather than going to confession, receiving the sacraments, fasting and taking care of the poor, people are stocking up on blessed bees-wax candles and and plastic liners for their windows and vents.  I'm all for being prepared, even for the unlikely, but this smells an awful lot like new-age apocalyptic mumbo-jumbo to me.

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