Catholic 3DD, Great Monarch, Fatima prophecy
Shin,  I'm not saying dismiss it all, I'm just saying the fact that people get so consumed with it makes me suspicious.  Like Tim is saying, if a prophecy leads someone to prayer, repentance and the sacraments, how can it be a bad thing?  If a prophecy leads someone to become so consumed with preparing for it that they leave out prayer, repentance and the sacraments (not that anyone here is doing that), how can that be a good thing?  Part of my discomfort with it is that when I was new to the faith, I was fascinated with prophecy and got so wrapped up in that I was a) planning and worrying over what was going to happen and how I could best make sure I lived through it and b) becoming more concerned  with how to survive fire falling from the sky than I was with getting my butt to confession.  Sure, part of this projecting my own experience on others, but I think the point remains - almost all of this is not even hinted at in divine revelation.  What is explicit in revelation, though, is Christ telling us not to worry about what tomorrow will bring, because today has enough worries of its own.  I'm not saying private revelation can't be true, and that all these prophecies are necessarily false.  But even if they are true, all the blessed beeswax candle in the world will not get you to heaven if you're caught outside when the 3DD happen if you aren't right with God.  I'm no one's spiritual advisor, but I still feel safe in assuming none of us, absolutely none of us, have sufficiently conquered sin in our lives that we can be focusing on what may or may not happen, and may not even happen in our life time.

Tim, perhaps including Fatima in that was a bad example.  Christ said to test a prophet by whether his prophecy comes true or not.  If the things that were said in Fatima have come true, that's strong evidence in its favor.  It wasn't my intent to call Fatima specifically into question.  I just put it in there because, superficially, it seems to sometimes draw the same hysteria that the prophecies of the 3DD and the great monarch and chastisement bring.  I know there is a verse or two in the bible that could potentially be referring to the 3DD, though if I remember it correctly it's not explicit enough to be considered definitive.  There is NOTHING in public revelation about a great monarch or a period of peace, though - that is entirely from private revelation.  So I guess I should revise (restate rather, just a little more clearly) what I said and ask, why should we be concerned with any prophecy if Christ himself wasn't concerned to warn us about it?  He did warn us about somethings in the future, why not others if they are so important?  That is, if knowing a great monarch will come, why is it not in the deposit of the apostolic faith?  If anyone saw anything, it was St. Paul and St. John, and they didn't mention it.  Sure, maybe it wasn't God's will that they personally should reveal it, but if not them, why some random farm girl in this or that countryside?  Everything we need to be saved is contained in public revelation, so why focus at all on private revelation until we have everything in order that public revelation suggests?

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