Feast of the Purification
I was able to get to Mass today for the Feast and it was a great blessing to me.  It was at the chapel of the nearby SSPX school. They started with a blessing of candles and procession throughout the school.  The priest (btw, he is Canadian Catholic's cousin) gave an explanation of the feast day and some practical instructions at the beginning.  He used very simple clear language that was suitable for the children there and I noticed how suitable it was for me too.  That made me think.  :)

He talked about there being two main ideas for this feast.  The first one is that Jesus is the light of the world.  The candles are to remind us about Jesus bringing light to our darkness.  The other idea comes from Mary presenting herself at the Temple for rite of Purification.  She did not need to do that, since was already pure.  Her action was an echo of Jesus getting baptized even though He did not need to.  In both these cases, their examples teach us the importance of obedience to God and wanting His will for our lives.

After the priest  blessed the candles, we went up to receive them from him.  We knelt and kissed his hand as he handed them to us.  This was such an old gesture and so very foreign to our culture that it really stood out for me, yet it seemed such an appropriate way to express my great respect and gratitude to the priest.  We kept our candles with us and they were lit a several points during the Mass.  Does anybody know what they are and what their significance is?  I think that one time we lit them was for the Gospel.  That makes sense because the Gospel enlightens us with truth.  But I'm not sure about the others.

I know that I was very blessed to have an opportunity to attend this Mass, especially when so many people who would like to attend the TLM are not able to.  I am very grateful.


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