Do we have a duty to help the poor? How do we quantify that?
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He just spent two complete YEARS in hospitals..........surgeries in a not-for-profit hospital, recovery in the VA hospital. He doesn't need money at this point, he gets SS. now. But, YES, I'm obligated, according to the Word of God to take him out to eat once a week, either myself or my daughter take him grocery shopping once a week, I do his banking, take him to the doctor etc., etc.

I'm not boasting really I'm not, but I feel very strongly about this. There are 5 of us siblings & the others do not agree with me. Charity must be done with love & they feel that "he brought this on himself, he's nothing but a dry drunk, etc. etc." This week, I'm going to take him out for Chinese & to see the movie "War Horse" (got to make sure that it doesn't bring on a PTSD spell first. He served in Vietnam, but the VA. really helped him deal with the aftermath of that.)

Enough of my thoughts, it's God Whose direction we must follow & He made it very clear that we are obligated to help those in need.[/size]

I forgot something. Receiving charity is NOT  a right. It is an undeserved gift from God, Who uses people to distribute the gift, but then what isn't an underserved gift? Our Faith, our health, our "good works".

EXACTLY!  Well said & God Bless you and your family. 

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