Teachings Contrary to Tradition? Religious Liberty
(02-03-2012, 12:56 PM)TrentCath Wrote:
(02-03-2012, 12:28 PM)newyorkcatholic Wrote: I would like to ask of those who are on the other side of this from the Vatican 2 understanding ... I'm not phrasing this well.  But I am wondering, what do you support?

Do you support Catholic monarchies, explicit public Catholic presence in schools, and so on?  Because that all sounds good.

But should we jail non-Catholics?  Deport them?  Should heresy be punishable by the state?  I have trouble with those ideas.

Yes I support Catholic monarchies, explicit public catholic presence in schools, but none of that goes far enough, what I do and don't support however depends on the type of state we are dealing with, there are two possible options:

i)A Catholic state, that is a state where the majority of people are Catholic, in such a state the government would not only help the church financially, give it unique rights and privileges such as preaching in public, moderating books, the press and so on to see whether they endanger morality or not (though this could also be done by the state on behalf of the church, with the church dealing solely with theological issues), banning proselytism for all other religions and enforcing this ban with fines and enforcing the church's judgments against heretics and such forth as the two see fit to lay down in a Concordat. There would also need to be 'Blasphemy laws'.
ii)A Non-Catholic state where people are either of many different religions or most people are not Catholic, in such a state there would be explicit catholic presence in schools, financial support for the church and blasphemy laws but proselytism would not per se be banned, likewise whereas public preaching might be restricted it would not be altogether be banned

Of course that is not a proper and detailed plan others such as Cardinal Ottaviani and Archbishop Lefebvre have laid down the teaching far better than I.

In your view does V2 allow this, but it's error is to allow also much greater liberty?  Or does V2 require greater liberty in contradiction to previous teaching?

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