Teachings Contrary to Tradition? Religious Liberty
(02-03-2012, 12:28 PM)newyorkcatholic Wrote: I would like to ask of those who are on the other side of this from the Vatican 2 understanding ... I'm not phrasing this well.  But I am wondering, what do you support?

Do you support Catholic monarchies, explicit public Catholic presence in schools, and so on?  Because that all sounds good.

But should we jail non-Catholics?  Deport them?  Should heresy be punishable by the state?  I have trouble with those ideas.

1. I support a strong Catholic monarchy or, if that's not possible, a strong Catholic republic.
2. In such a state that recognises Christ as its King, it's obvious that only Catholics can teach and hold public office.
3. Non-catholics can live in the state as protected minorities, that much is certain. The toleration of non-Catholics is a matter of prudence. Of course, it would also be lawful to expell them all if deemed necessary or desirable.
4. Heresy and blasphemy can be civil crimes but that's just a matter of prudence as well. I believe they should be, along with desecration of hosts, although I personally dislike the death sentence for heretics.

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