Is there confirmation by desire?
I don't want to minimize the sacraments. My sponsor actually apologized for his indifference to me when I complained to the church. Next, I tried again in a different area, but same thing, except I didn't get as far. Shouldn't they be concerned about this? The first time, I was made to say, along with all the other Catholic initiates, that "yes, there is salvation outside of the church." I remember privately thinking "then what are we doing here?" Then I met a Russian colleague of mine at the University I attended and he stopped attending church because he became convinced under the Soviet system that it was pointless. That got me to thinking about if a time came of total apostasy, as in the USSR, could you desire confirmation?  I'm not sure about the conclusion I've reached yet, whether to try at an SSPX type church or call an F.S.S.P. church or even a Bishop. I might try the bishop route.


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