For some reason, my response to Archbishop Chaput's letter didn't post
The ironic or rather hypocritical part of it is that the bishops are demanding Catholics speak up and make the secular leaders know their opinion.  I made my opinion known and through technological trickery, my opinion is not going into the "public square" at least in the venue the archbishop uses. 

So what's to stop the secular leaders from doing the same schtick?  No-nonsense Catholicism is unwelcome to the Catholic leaders in favor of "rah rah!" comments only.  So secular leaders are going to respond...why?

It seems that it's liberal Democrat Catholic bishops are using conservative Republican Catholics in order to sway the agenda of the Democrat party and acrue secular influence for the bishops within the Democrat party. 

No Catholic in his right mind could vote for a Democrat supporting abortion (nor could they support a Republican who supports abortion)  but as a priest, archbishop Chaput supported Jimmy Carter and believe it or not, his re-election campaign.  When I read that a while ago, I was astounded.  "At the time, I knew Carter was wrong in his views about Roe and soft toward permissive abortion. But even as a priest, I justified working for him because he wasn’t aggressively “pro-choice.” True, he held a bad position on a vital issue, but I believed he was right on so many more of the “Catholic” issues than his opponent seemed to be. The moral calculus looked easy. I thought we could remedy the abortion problem after Carter was safely returned to office."--First Things Magazine June 2008

Maybe in some strange way I don't understand, II'm not being fair but something like that, I knew instinctively as a child in 1976 and in 1980 that abortion was murder. It's like a joke out of the Simpsons, when electing Sideshow Bob as Mayor of Springfield, Homer says, "I don't agree with his Bart-killing policy, but I do agree with his Selma-killing policy."  But in this case, the reality is,  "I don't agree with his baby-killing policy, but I do agree with his foreign aid and welfare expansion policies." 


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