Our Lady of America, real, not real?
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(02-13-2012, 04:44 AM)Vetus Ordo Wrote: Medjugorje is completely fake. Anyone with a minimum knowledge of the faith can see that, except men with an agenda like Card. Schönborn.

I don't think it's fake, but that it's a delusion, an angel disguised in light.  The fruits are not good, and, at least anecdotally, I have friends who have visited and returned with some of the creepiest stories I have heard.

Hey, you can't leave it at that. You have to tell us!

Well, they have two stories.  They (my close friend and his older brother) had been attending mass at a small chapel on the grounds of the shrine when someone began shrieking and convulsing.  The individual was obviously possessed or having some sort of mental disorder.  The person had to be removed from the chapel by two priests.

There is also a hill on the grounds on the shrine that many visitors climb.  My friends were warned by several people that climbing the hill, especially at night, was not a wise thing to do.  For some reason that I can't recall, perhaps because of time, they still decided to climb the hill.  They prayed the rosary as they went, but they began feeling terribly spooky, and I think they said that they felt as if they were being watched.  After awhile, one of them immediately stopped, gazing off in a sort of terrified look.  When the other turned around, he saw what was freaking his brother out.  A ghoulish type hand was reaching from the darkness near them.  They took off pretty quickly after that.

They told some of the folks from the shrine about this, but they simply told them that wherever God's presence is felt strongly, Satan tries to be there to screw it up.  And that sounds convincing on the surface, but that's actually the exact opposite of what always happens.  Holy places are hated by demons, and they hold no power there.  It is the same reason why they have no control over those in the state of grace.

Stuff like that doesn't happen at Fatima or Lourdes, but from the sounds of it, these sort of occurrences are the norm for visitors to Medjugorje.

That is creepy. Especially since both brothers saw the hand. Good thing they were saying the rosary.

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