Explaining Virgin Martyrs to Children
(02-20-2012, 12:32 PM)JayneK Wrote: Yes, there is some discernment involved.  One needs to figure out what the child is really asking.  One mother told me the story of a boy who kept asking "Where are their heads?" when they drove by a cemetery.  Finally they figured out that someone had told him that people's bodies were buried there.  In his mind, this meant bodies as opposed to heads.

I was thinking more of questions which have answers that a person cannot possibly understand. Like when a child asks how something works, or why some complex social situation is occurring, etc.

Quote:I told my children that babies were made from a cell from the mother and a cell from the father combining. We looked pictures of sperm and ovum joining, along with the rest of prenatal development, whenever I was pregnant.  We were always talking about what the baby inside mommy looked like.  I didn't tell them how the two cells ended up in the same place until the children were older.
You must have been very good at misdirection or your kids weren't that curious.

I went from learning about plants reproducing and salmon (I liked to read about nature a little above my grade level when I was a kid) and a little about recessive genes to asking how that it occurred in humans.

I spent some time wondering about it, but I had learned about sexual reproduction from life forms too different from humans.

Quote:That was hyperbole. Children need to know at least enough about biology to understand the changes that take place at puberty. And they need to understand their own sexual feelings and know what to do about them.

To me, and probably in the big picture, there is only a main distinct between having reason and not having reason. All else is based on development and experience. If there would be no direct disorder introduced, I do not think information should be withheld from those who are capable of receiving it.

A young age is not de facto innocence. It is very possible for people who are young to acquire habits or experiences which they do not understand at such ages. I think "full disclosure" about life's facts is important as it relates to an individual child.

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