Getting tired of secular people's crap
So, I get impatient as I get older.  And I get bolder with the things I think and say. 

I'm about to get banned on Catholic Answers Forum.  Atheists are asking to justify the existence of hell.  Ultimately, I have gotten one to betray the fact that he's just trying to solidify his position as an atheist.  So, I've said the following to him.  It's not nice, really.  But I don't care.  I think the world is full of cowards, and maybe this guy needs someone to throw it in his face or something.  I dunno.  I'll present the last part of the thread (which may soon be locked anyway), and I'll take your thoughts on my reaction.

P.S.  He denies that this fruitless dialogue is about fortifying his atheism, here.  I think he's full of crap.

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Its not about fortifying my atheism...


... But can it ever hurt to ask?

No, it cannot hurt. But I find it to be a massive waste of time. If you truly do not believe in God and eternal consequences for the things you do here which follow you after you transition from this period of your existence, then why are you wasting your time dabbling on the internet like this? Why care? Why even have a stupid job?

If there is no Universal Order and no Judgement, then you really ought to go do whatever you would like, regardless of the consequences to others. That's one thing I do not understand about those pots who deny there is a potter. There should be legions of Genghis Khans out there, tearing things apart and living a life of whimsy. Instead, it's a mass subdued people who happily or begrudgingly submit to the State. If there is no eternal Judgement, what are you waiting for? And why are you talking to me? This is such a waste of your time.

Myself? I think your father is Satan.

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