An introduction and a question
Hi all,

I am a new member and I wanted to say hi and briefly introduce myself.  (with the emphasis on "Briefly")  I grew up Mormon, but never was convinced of the validity of the doctrine (was excommunicated at my request).  I became an Evangelical Christian at 18 (Southern Baptist and later with a "Charismatic" twist).  Took my Christianity seriously and decided that I was "called" into full time ministry and went to bible college.  This is a much shortened version, but I became very disillusioned with "ministry" in general and totally confused regarding doctrine and other matters.  While a disillusioned bible college student, a friend of mine who had converted FROM the Catholic church  invited me to go to midnight mass one Christmas Eve.  It was my very first time in a Catholic Church and it blew me away.  Very, Very different from doing the Charismatic jig in the bible college I was attending.  I was never the same after that.  It would be however, another 6 years or so until I would actually become Roman Catholic.  (that is a story in itself)

I wish I could say everything was great from that point on...but not so much.  You see there were two problems:  1.  I was baptized at what I have come to realize is a pretty liberal catholic church (which contributed to problem 2) and 2. My doctrine--in many, many areas remained protestant.  I though it was perfectly fine to disagree with the Church on any given doctrine that didn't line up with my Protestant mind.  I literally spent the next 25 years in this mode.  Knowing what to do at a mass--and loving the Catholic Church--but that is it.  For the most part I didn't know any doctrine, history, reasons for doing name it.  I remember the deacon at the church I was baptized telling me that some of the things the catholic church does are man made laws and some of them are simply done away with (he used eating fish on Fridays as an example).  Well since the Catholic Church is so changeable and things are just man made, I could pretty much pick and choose!  I was stuck in this very weird place. Catholic in name only, protestant in my thinking and afloat spiritually and stopped attending mass for quite some time.

Last November, I actually sat down and read the Church's Catechism for the first time.  It blew me away.  I then found the Baltimore Catechism from the 1920s and that blew me a way even more...This really opened my eyes and really is what started me into a real journey into the Church.  I could go on in great detail regarding this, but I will spare you.

Now determined to find a real catholic church that taught what it believed, I went to the closest church from my house.  The only problem was I felt like I was in a school auditorium or something.  The place didn't look like a church and after attending mass there, I realized that if I stayed there I would end up pretty much like I had been...not really seeing or hearing everything that the Catholic Church is.  I ended up finding a wonderful church that not only looks like a catholic church, but teaches the doctrine.  (It is amazing though, the church tends on the conservative side, but the congregation runs the gambit. Some come dressed in suits, others are ready to play rugby...a lady in front of me became obviously agitated last Sunday, when the Priest talked about the church's pro-life stance).

Slowly I began to realize that there may be only one Church, but many....I struggle to find the right word for this....view points that are expressed via different churches.  Not suppose to be this way, but it defacto is.  Gradually I became aware of traditional Catholicism and wish to God I could go back to time before Vatican II.  I am presently reading the book "Resurrecting the Catholic Church" and reading all I can get my hands on from various view points.  I must say, for me, if I am going to be Catholic, I must in some fashion remain faithful to Rome.  I am figuring out how to do that, and still practice REAL Catholicism. ??? I know it is a difficult issue for a lot of people

There is a lot more to this story, but I think I have gone on too long as it is!  My questions is this:  I have NEVER been to a Latin Mass.  My Church offers one on Sunday nights and I want to go and see for myself.  Obviously I don't know Latin--despite my user name--and I am not sure how to prepare.  From what I have read it is very different from a NO mass.  Should I just sit in the back and go with the flow?  Or is it best to get a missal in Latin?  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I am confused about something.  If so many people disagree with the Church's teaching (and I am talking major doctrines here) why don't they just leave?

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