Vatican's Clarification About "SSPX Ultimatum"
(03-31-2012, 06:36 PM)Gerard Wrote: Maybe my memory is off, but does anyone have a copy of "Priest where is Thy Mass?"   I lent my copy and never got it back.  But I would've sworn it was then Bishop Levada who had a conflict with Fr. Zigrang and Fr. Zigrang was convinced the bishop was a heretic and thought that Truth plus Error equals Truth. 

If it wasn't Levada, I recant mentioning it in previous posts.  If it was him though, is Bishop Fellay aware of the disorientation of who he's dealing with? 

Yes, this is the danger with the whole "hermeneutic of continuity". Is it a real interpretation of Vatican II in the light of Tradition where anything contrary to the Faith is rejected, or is it a synthesis of novelty and Catholicism with a traditional veneer? You can see these kind of attempts in documents like Dominus Iesus that try to re-affirm traditional teaching while at the same time teach partial communion and false sects as means of salvation.

I think it was Bishop Fellay who said that the phrase "in light of Tradition" has become problematic now because "Tradition" has a different meaning to the Roman authorities that to the SSPX.

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