Cardinal Wuerl's Continuing Crisis
Quote:"Do not scatter pearls before swine," Jesus Christ said. "Do not give what is holy to dogs." How pastorally insensitive of the Son of God! A Church official who has watched Wuerl's persecution of Fr. Guarnizo with horror commented to me that if Jesus Christ had served in Cardinal Wuerl's archdiocese "he would be on administrative leave too." Unlike the Cardinal Wuerls, Christ didn't felt the need to play patty cake with the enemies of the Church. He liked struggling sinners but not unrepentant ones who seek to defile his temple.

I wonder who this "Church official" is.  Sad that he must comment under anonymity if he wants to share a Catholic view.  This is the new religion, folks.

Also, can someone tell me what TAS stands for?

Oh, and, this:

Quote:Neumayr is doing heroically Catholic work by exposing Wuerl's scandalous attitudes and behavior.  Wuerl will have no excuse before the Judgment seat of God because of Neumayr as opposed to sycophants like Bill Donohue who are unjust and political instead of Catholic.

Also, for those interested, a website devoted to exposing Wuerl the wolf:
More Catholic Discussion:

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