Baby Dies After 9 Vaccines in One Day
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Protecting Their Own: The Unofficial Vaccination Policy of Doctors in the Know

"At present I have over 15 physicians programmed into my blackberry. Those are just the doctors, pediatricians, specialists and family practitioners I talk to on a regular basis.  There are several others I research, cold call and visit. I spend my time on this because it's imperative that I have a competent mainstream pediatrician that knows our family in the event of a true medical emergency.  Plus I like to chat with them about vaccine science and iatrogenic illness. Sometimes they talk to me, sometimes they don't. I recently reconnected with a mainstream doctor affiliated with a large hospital and a thriving practice in thje midwest. We've had many interactions over the years but on this particular day this physician had quite a bit to say. These were his words as they were spoken to me. For the purpose of protecting his anonymity I will refer to him as "The Doctor."

The Doctor on Gardasil:

"Gardasil?  What the hell is that? That shouldn't be on the market for another 30 years. We have no idea if we are causing this disease to mutate and become more harmful and stronger than it is now.  No idea. We'll find out I guess. Anyway, I talked about this with my partners and they were adamant, "you have to give it to your patients." I told them I am not telling my parents they have to give this to their 9 year old. I got looks like--crazy. They thought I was nuts. My partners are saying to me,"you gotta give it."

I told him I was aware of over 90 deaths and life-altering adverse reactions as the result of Gardasil. He did not respond. 

The Doctor on Hepatitis B:

"I mean, they have us vaccinate jaundiced babies with Hepatitis B!  What are they thinking?  What is wrong with them? I mean, Geez. Is this really necessary? Come on."

This was a particularly difficult thing for me to hear. My son Noah was jaundiced at birth and received the hepatitis B vaccination without our consent,on the day he was born.  My swollen yellow baby boy never cried and only grunted for months. Such a good baby...the four words everyone who knew him uttered repeatedly, for a year straight.  Such a good baby. I continued to vaccinate him on schedule.  My pediatrician (not this doctor) was not alarmed by his enlarged body, swollen head, limbs, and distended torso. He was described as "roly-poly", though he did not routinely eat and digest food until he was 3. During his second year of life he did not gain weight. My repeat concerns about his development were met with "Mrs. Goes, he looks healthy." I broached the topic of Hep B with The Doctor, during a previous meeting two years ago.  At that time, I mentioned our third child (who does not have autism) had not yet received the vax.  He rolled his eyes and said, "Why? All babies get that in the hospital at birth? Everybody does it." His tone was accusatory but he offered no explanation as to why it was important.

The Doctor on Varicella (Chicken Pox):

"Who didn't get chicken pox?  I mean, yes people who get the chicken pox are likely to get shingles, but we don't know if the vaccine causes shingles too or if the shingles vaccine is necessarily any good.  There's no way we can know. It would take years to determine."

The Doctor on Vaccines in General: 

"I don't vaccinate my kids. I rely on herd immunity, which is selfish I know.  Herd immunity basically means I am relying on the fact that everyone else is vaccinated. I know it's wrong...They (his children) are fine. I might (vaccinate) when it comes time for them to go to high school because I don't want them to have to miss out on travel opportunities. They are all perfectly healthy."

I asked him if he knew about Breusewitz vs. Wyeth.  I thought it was important that he knew the products he does not choose to give to his own children but yet, recommends to his patients, now enjoy greater freedom in the marketplace than ever before. He had not heard of the Supreme Court ruling. I gave him a brief overview to which he responded with a disbelieving "huh." 

The Doctor on Vaccine Philosophy and Group Think:

"You do not question vaccines openly. It's not done. I know I sound ridiculous here but it's like Nazi Germany. Really, I know it sounds silly. I mean, in our own groups, of course, we question vaccines all the time, among ourselves, but you never ever say it openly. You have to understand, doctors are scientists.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge.  You just don't question, they look at you like you're crazy. I have to tell you to vaccinate because if I don't and your kid gets sick, I get sued.  I am legally responsible. My partners are always telling me, "You make them vaccinate on schedule or they are out." You know you could get in a lot of trouble for not vaccinating yourself--you know that though--you have a medical background.""

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