3rd Secret Is A Warning Against The Masonic Infiltration Of The Chruch
We know from Bella Dodd, that the commies by the 50's had placed 1000+  men in American Seminaries, by the Council some were Bishops, no Masons there, boys. Fr. Luigi Villa appointed by Pope PiusXII spent his life uncovering Masons in the Vatican, amounting to 130 of them.When Roberto Calvi was murdered at Black Friar's Bridge a dossier of 120+ names of Masons was forwarded to the Vatican, and somehow miraculously re-appeared in the hands of the British authorities the next week. Perhaps an angel ? Fr. Greeley of the Chicago Sun-Times, exposed that the Lavendar Mafia ran most of the Chanceries in America. Fr. Malachi Martin, Brady at RCF, and Randy Engels said the pederastic priests in some cases are Satanists.Engels makes the case that all pederast priests by their sin, are Satanists, but that's theological.
Not to mention the Modernists, and Liberation Theologists, we see everywhere, either.

In conclusion it appears there is no "conspiracy", more these independent malcontent ne'er do wells, are like birds of a feather and have the same purpose in their minds but there is no eveidence of a conspiracy run by the Masons, only conjecture. If there is a conspiracy it is more likely the Commies from America, and the ones Pope John Paul II brought with him to the Vatican without realizing he had done that.

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