3rd Secret Is A Warning Against The Masonic Infiltration Of The Chruch
Okay we have a difference in semantics. I'm using "conspiracy" as there is a Mason at the top and there are meeting and orders which go down to every satellite group with their marching orders for the next term in time. That is what I do not think exists. I'm more inclined to go with Fr. Malachi Martin in that there are about 6000 Dynastic Families; Jewish, Anglo-American, and now even Hungarian Americans and the WaHabi House of Saud. Certainly some are Masons and some Satanists, and others are Christians, while even now we have Moslems, for their cover, but all are mere pawns for Lucifer, and believe they rule the Earth.

The Reece Commission which was quashed in the fifties exposed the extent to which the Philanthropies of these dark princes will go to change the world into their liking. They know no limits, and collude, each charity with the other, to bring changes they similarly have in mind. They share the perversion of mind which is Lucifer's own. 

Here's where I think differently. They are all under the influence of the Dark Prince and each of them doesn't see the whole picture. They believe they are independent actors following their own whims to make their Dynastic Family rule. In short they are conned by Lucifer. I concede the same actors, movements, and loose conspiracies as you do, but the Prince in charge doesn't let them into his counsel, He is non serviam, and they are his children.


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