proof from logic alone of the immortal nature of the human soul
(05-11-2012, 05:25 PM)Mithrandylan Wrote: Who were you reading? 

I'm reading 'College Apologetics' by Fr. Anthony F. Alexander. Apologetics is defined by him as
Quote:the study in which we prove by reason that the (Roman Catholic) Church is the agency set up by God to carry on His work of teaching the doctrines of supernatural religion.

I believe he relies on Aristotle, not Plato, when he explains that the human soul is a spiritual one because 2 of its powers, i.e. intellect and reason, are spiritual, not material. Then he says since nothing spiritual can die, then the human soul cannot die. I don't understand why something spiritual cannot die, though.

His explanation is that since the soul has no parts, it cannot die. A thing dies when its parts are so deranged by an injury or disease that they can no longer carry on their function. He says only material things have parts. This is what I can't understand. How is it that the human soul has no parts? Are intellect and free will not parts? And then what about animals? Do their souls have parts? It seems they must, since he says that an animal's soul dies when the animal does. I believe this, I just don't understand it using reason alone.

Parmandur, it sounds like Plato thought that forms were the cause of all things. We know that's not true, unless it can be said that God is the form of all forms, or something. Maybe it can, I don't know. But I think Aristotle perfected this part of Plato's teaching, I'm just not sure exactly how.

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