Champions of Tradition and the Latin Mass
Which priests were outward champions of the Latin Mass and Tradition long before the SSPX and the Archbishop came to the forefront? I know there was a priest who self-published (rumors say with the Bishops help) an early book on the revolution out of Reno, Nevada. I know Archbishop Dwyer then Bishop of Reno later Archbishop of Portland was a staunch trad and many say his battle for tradition shortened his life. We must mention Father Gomar Depauw and Father Leonard Feeney of EENS fame who although known for that dogma was saying the Latin Mass using the pre-Bugnini missal during the decades he was involved in the battle the 1950s (which many never recognize was the years the modernist were throwing the change word around) the 60s and 70s. In fact the Feeneyites say that Father Feeney was troubled by the insertion of St. Joseph into the canon, even though he loved St. Joseph, he saw tampering with the canon another first step for the change artist's He had witnessed personally how the modernist's a decade earler had been successful in getting the general public to PERCIEVE that the dogma EENS didn't say what it did , it was revised for our times. He warned Pius 12th what would happen in 10 years if nothing was done , 10 years later Vatican 2 and it's updating and options.

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