Champions of Tradition and the Latin Mass
For some of Fr Feeney's thoughts, according to one of his early followers who became the abbott in Still River Mass, under Rome, Gabriel Gibbs read "From Harvard to Harvard".  I won't say too much, just that, going by the book, Fr Feeney was not presented as the "hands off" the liturgy type.  He thought that Fr Wathen's book went a bit too far. 
  Anyway, there was Fr Wathen, as just mentioned.  Fr John Keene up in Boston established his first chapel in 1970,eventually having 4.  They are all closed now. 
Fr Martin Stepanich, O.F.M. was ostracised from his community starting in 1967 when he refused to say the Mass using the all english canon.  He is still with us.
Then Fr Robert Mckenna,O.P,, along with Fr Fenton and other priests saw it in the late 60's as well.  Fr Vincent Bowes, O.C.D. went back to the TLM in the early 70's.  Fr Lawrence Brey did not go along with any of the  changes. 
  There are others, but that is all for now.

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