Best way to deal with religious indifference
I had some success with a police officer. I spoke to him appealing to his sense of law, order, and justice. I convinced him that abortion is capital murder, and that the pill is second degree murder with depraved indifference. I further explained that morals come from God Almighty, not the Mayor. It was difficult at first because he was jaded. He spent much of his carreer as an undecover narcotics officer. He knew the underbelly, and was indifferent to these people. He thought abortion helped to get rid of the evil. I explained that morals come from God, not the Mayor. He disliked him, so I  had an in. He went and found himself a crucifix and started wearing it. He became sick and I didn't see him for awhile, then his wife told me he was dieing of cancer, and he passed.  There are no coincidences, and the Lord put him on my path. I hope I did well.

I think you have to appeal to the person's senses. No normal person responds to discussion of philosophy or theology in the abstract. Like St. Benedict  you have to get where they are, and then use your wits and imagination, even chopping down their god's tree.


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